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Posing [Fanart]

Just wanted to post this fanart now, because I won't have internet for at least a month. So this pictures isn't finished (only outlines, no color), because I wanted to post it and ask what you guys think about it.
Can someone answer me just this one question: Why the hell is Wolfwood so hard to draw (for me) when his clothes are so plain?!? I don't get it.
Hope you like it anyway ^^;


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RPG Game

Hay guyz.

I'm just going to make a quick request to all you Rpers out there. The RP I mod is looking for a Vash (read: I RP Wolfwood, and Nicky needs his broomhead. XD) So, if anyone is up for it and would like to app (plzplzplz) you can look at info Here :D

Any questions you can IM me at "Rumors of Death"

Much love :D

[Fanart] That's just the kind of guy he is.

Perhaps it's because of the motorcycle, but Wolfwood always seemed to me like the type who would be into cars.

I suppose this counts as AU (modern day?), what with the car, and some tweaks to his clothing. Nothing major though. I was going for a somewhat simplified 'flat' shading style, a little like cutout in some places, and I wanted to try an angle other than a straight-on view. So this one was different for me in a lot of ways, from start to finish, but I was pretty happy with the end result.

Totally worksafe.

I want you to know what I think.

Wolfwood Mood Theme

New to the comm and the Trigun fandom, but not new to Trigun itself, and I do have something to share.

tiggymalvern allowed me to use her scans to put together a mood theme for Wolfwood, and I figured I'd offer it up here just in case there's someone else who would like it. Some of the images used carry a bit of Vash/Wolfwood, but I figure this is hardly the group that will have problems with that ;)


The download entry may be found HERE.
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A present for Vash [Fanart]

Hello there ^^

I just joined the community, so I'm totally new here. That goes not for the Trigun, especially the VashXWolfwood fandom, 'though. I'm happy that this community (unlike others) is still alive and I hope I can contribute my share to this.

So I brought a small (silly) fanart with me. It's more a sketch/outline than a real fanart and it's also pretty old, but since I didn't post it anywhere until now, I thought maybe I could share it with you, cause this seems to be the right place to put it.
The story behind that picture is just, that Wolfwood made a 'birthday' present for his beloved Vash...